About Us
About Us

Divyaa Advaani is an enchanting and empowering woman who craves to learn as much as possible and distribute her knowledge and skill sets with multiple people.

Having completed her graduation in Accounting & Finance from Mumbai University and Post Graduation in Fashion Designing, she has also studied various courses over Image Consulting and Soft Skills and has a rich experience in the Coaching and Designing Industry. 

She is an Image Consultant, Etiquette and a Soft Skills Coach as well as a Fashion Designer and Stylist and operates two ventures by the names "Suave U" (Image Consulting and Soft Skills Coaching) and "Sew You" (Fashion designing brand).

She works with clients globally for over 9 years now. She has helped more than 2100+ people covering 12+ countries.

She is an author and has published her own book “101 Tips & Tricks to Enhance & Upgrade yourself and your Image” which is available on Amazon worldwide. She is also a Podcaster and runs her own podcast show by the name Suave U podcast with Divyaa Advaani wherein she interviews high end business owners who have worked hard to reach where they are today and gets their inspiring entrepreneurial journey to the audiences!


She is an award winning Coach and Designer and has received multiple awards from Rotary, 10k Startup India and has also been featured in an e-magazine published by Weddings Vista.

She has also been interviewed on a podcast series called "Be Your Own Boss" from Dubai.

She has worked extensively across industries - Service Industry, IT Industry, Graduate and Post graduate Colleges, and has also been coaching Individual clients from various calibers.

This is a platform through which we help you know us for our products and services. A platform to self assess, analyze and have a new beginning. We strongly believe in making you the best versions of yourself without having to change much about you!

We love to get associated with our loved ones whom we do not wish to call as clients since that is the kind of bonding we create with them. This makes the whole process a lot easier for you to be comfortable, goal oriented and a go getter in any given situation without having to worry about anything.